Led by Professor Roy Wogelius, the Interdisciplinary Centre for Ancient Life fosters collaboration between staff across The University of Manchester.

Senior management team:

Professor Roy Wogelius

Professor Roy Wogelius is a Professor of Geochemistry. His research interests include mineral surface chemistry, reaction kinetics, aqueous geochemistry and environmental mineralogy.

Professor Bill Sellers

Professor Bill Sellers is a computational primatologist interested in the use of numerical techniques for investigating comparative anatomy, fossil behavioural and biomechanics.

Dr Mike Buckley

Dr Mike Buckley is a Royal Society Research Fellow in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, and integrates the latest proteomic techniques in the fields of archaeology and palaeontology.

Dr Russell Garwood

Dr Russell Garwood is a palaeontologist who uses X-ray and computational techniques to study major transitions in the history of life.

Professor Phil Manning

Professor Phil Manning is an STFC Science in Society Fellow and a Professor of Natural History in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Manchester.

Dr Victoria Egerton

Dr Victoria Egerton is a Research Fellow at the University of Manchester and The Children's Museum of Indianapolis, USA. Her research interests include trace metal loading in plants through time and Mesozoic palaeobotany.

Dr Robert Sansom

Dr Robert Sansom is interested in the interplay between fossils, their preservation, and how researchers deduce evolutionary relationships, in a range of animal groups.

Regius Professor Philip Withers

Regius Professor Philip Withers is Professor of Materials Science in the Department of Materials and works closely with the ICAL team on imaging biomaterials through microtomography.

Dr Katrina Jones

Dr Katrina Jones is a Presidential Fellow and Royal Society University Research Fellow, interested in the anatomy and evolution of the mammal skeleton.

Dr Marta Pina miguel

Dr Marta Pina is a Marie-Curie Fellow interested in hominoid paleobiology and uses CT scanning and 3D imaging techniques to investigate the origin and evolution of the primate postcranium and locomotor modes.

Dr John Nudds

Dr John Nudds is a palaeontologist with a keen interest in museums, and research into exceptional fossil preservation and dinosaur palaeobiology. 

Professor Andrew Chamberlain

Professor Andrew Chamberlain is Professor of Bioarchaeology in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences. He specialises in the study of human remains from archaeological sites (human osteoarchaeology). 

Additional Members of ICAL include academics who come from across The University of Manchester.
Meet the rest of the ICAL team.
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