Previous outreach

The ICAL team has been involved with public engagement in science for many years. Here are some summaries of our previous outreach activities.


Royal Society Summer Exhibition – 1st-6th July 2014

The exhibit being displayed was entitled ‘X-appeal’, and explored the many facets of the imaging work we perform at the University of Manchester. In this exhibit we explored how X-rays can help resolve the shape, structure, chemistry and biology of life on Earth, both past and present. We aimed to show how palaeontology is now using the electromagnetic spectrum to unlock the dilute traces of past life from deep time. This also featured a full size cast of a Gorgosaurus skeleton, and was considered to be one of the highlights of the exhibition. 


Big Saturday – ideas for life – 14th June 2014

Some of the team talked about their most recent work at the Manchester Museum in June 2014 as part of Universities week. The event starts at 11 o’clock and is aimed at families with events and activities on during the day. So come along if you feel like learning more about diagnosing injuries in dinosaurs.


TeenTech Manchester – 23rd October 2013

The palaeontology team will be one of the many scientific research groups and companies attending the TeenTech event at the University of Manchester on the 23rd October.


University of Manchester open day – October 2013

The university open days are a great opportunity for prospective students to come and get a look at the types of courses available and the type of research that goes on in the department.


Diamond Light Source open days – June 2013

The open days at Diamond Light Source allow members of the public to come and see the facility itself, learn how it works, and talk to some of the scientists that work there about how they use it for their research. We were there to talk about our work on using synchrotron light to study fossils.


International womens day at MOSI – March 2013

A chance for people to meet some leading women scientists and get to grips with various different fields of science and technology.


TeenTech – November 2012

This great event is aimed at getting more children interested in a career in science.


Manchester Science Festival – October 2012

Our work was displayed during the Science Spectacular exhibition of the Manchester Science Festival.


Royal Society Summer Exhibition – July 2012

The team displayed their work in July at the Royal Society in London under the title Palimsests, palaeontology and particle physics.

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